Why Did I Lose My Health Tax Credit Subsidy?

There are several scenarios that could cause you to lose your Health Tax Credit Subsidy in 2020 (or have a $0 health tax credit subsidy). In some cases, if you "actively renew" your health plan for 2020, your health tax credit could be restored. Here are four scenarios:

1. The IRS has notified the Health Marketplace (healthcare.gov), that the you or someone on the plan did not file their tax return for a year in which they received the Advance Premium Tax Credit (APTC), or you or someone on the plan filed their tax return but did not reconcile the APTC using form 8962.

2. You did not check the box on the subsidy application this past year, allowing the IRS to share with CMS (the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), your tax information for income reconciliation, or the time period in which you agreed to allow the IRS to share with CMS has expired. When you agree to sharing, the IRS can share with CMS from one to five years.

3. You have an income change that places your income higher or lower than what is allowed for the health tax credit subsidy eligibility.

4. You were automatically re-enrolled without updating your Health Marketplace application for the last two coverage years.

If any of these scenarios exist, your 2020 health tax credit subsidy amount will show $0 in your Health Marketplace account.

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