What is Service Line Coverage from FEDNAT Insurance?

Service Line Coverage - picture of homeowner opening the water utility service box
Service Line Coverage from FEDNAT Insurance Company

Service Line Coverage provides protection against a leak, break, tear, rupture, collapse or arcing of a covered service line caused by:

• Collapse, but not including sinkhole or subsidence collapse.

• Electrical and mechanical or pressure systems breakdown.

• Freeze.

• Rust or other corrosion, decay, deterioration, hidden or latent defect.

• Wear and tear.

Examples of covered property include:

• Ground loop piping that connects to a heat pump.

• Power line that provides electrical service to the insured premise or related private structures.

• Sewer piping that connects from the residence to a public sewer system or private septic system.

• Water piping that connects from the residence to a public water supply system or private well system.

The covered service line occurrence must:

• Be located at the insured location.

• Be located underground.

• Be owned by the insured or the insured must be legally liable for its repair or replacement.

• Provide a service to the dwelling as defined in the endorsement.

Other terms include a 90 day waiting period from the inception of coverage, a flat $500 per occurrence deductible, a $10,000 per occurrence limit, and excavation costs are covered. Note that blockage or low pressure of a service line is not covered as there is no direct damage.

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