Top Ten Reasons You Need A Personal Umbrella

Attorneys, lawsuits, depositions, discovery, courtrooms - these are not fun. Every personal umbrella policy comes with an attorney to defend you, in case you are sued.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons You Need a Personal Umbrella Policy.

1. Do you ever host social get-togethers at your home, condo, or apartment? ***

2. Do you have children at home or students away at college?

3. Are you responsible for someone else's children for playdates, sleepovers, or babysitting?

4. Do you own animals, or care for someone else's animals?

5. Do you or any of your family members engage on social media?

6. Do you ever travel abroad?

7. Do you ever volunteer for a charity, serve on a volunteer board of directors, or HOA?

8. Do you own an ATV, boat, motorcycle, golf cart, LSV, RV, or other recreational vehicle?

9. Do you own rental property?

10. Do you own firearms or other recreational weapons?

*** For #1 above, do you ever serve or offer alcoholic beverages?

If you answer "Yes" to one or more of these questions, you need a personal umbrella policy.

Find out more about Safeco's Personal Umbrella Policy - a true personal umbrella:

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