StormPeace - Extra Hurricane Insurance

StormPeace is a different kind of insurance - it is like having extra hurricane insurance.

StormPeace payments and eligibility are pre-agreed and based on the intensity of the hurricane and the closest distance of your insured property to the hurricane track. No adjusters, immediate payments. StormPeace also has: Zero Deductible, Wide Coverage, and Fast Claims.

StormPeace settled 100% of Hurricane Irma claims (2017), 98% of claims paid within 72 hours! StormPeace gives you the means to recover and rebuild fast because StormPeace pays in days and covers post-event expenses a homeowners’ policy typically doesn’t cover, such as:

  • Completing home repairs not covered due to deductible

  • Removing fallen trees

  • Restoring power

  • Replacing spoiled food

  • Paying for a hotel room

  • Replacing landscaping

Get the details about StormPeace, click the PDF link below for questions and answers:

Storm Peace Consumer Questions
Download PDF • 205KB

Storm Peace covers costs to remove fallen trees after a hurricane

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