Some Home Insurance Policies Missing "Bells and Whistles" You May Need

The Florida Home Insurance marketplace has turned into a dizzying jumble puzzle. Many home insurance companies are tightening underwriting guidelines, increasing rates, filing new endorsements, and introducing new Florida Home Insurance programs.

Some homeowners just want the basic, stripped down home insurance policy. While others prefer a comprehensive home insurance policy. Let's list some of the "Bells and Whistles" you may want in your Florida Home Insurance policy:

  1. Full Water Damage Coverage

  2. Animal Liability Coverage

  3. Equipment Breakdown Coverage

  4. Service Line Coverage

  5. Personal Injury Coverage

  6. Identity Theft Coverage

  7. Screen Enclosure Coverage

  8. Sinkhole Coverage

  9. Water Backup and Sump Overflow

Other Considerations:

Will your Personal Umbrella policy pickup coverage after the Home Insurance policy liability limit is exhausted?

Does the home insurance policy cover your pool, spa, diving board, pool slide, trampoline, and children play sets?

Do you have adequate Ordinance & Law Coverage?

Have an expensive computer / gaming computer? Do you have the Home Computer Endorsement?

Check Your Home Insurance Policy

Given all these issues, take some time to read your home insurance policy and consider what "Bells and Whistles" you may need or want in your Florida Home Insurance policy.

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