New Home Insurance Discounts from Frontline Insurance

Frontline Insurance announced new homeowners discounts effective July 30th. These discounts offer many savings - here is the short list:

  1. Multi-Policy Discount - 5% Discount on your HO3 Homeowners: If you also have a Frontline flood policy, a Frontline Condo Unit policy, or a Frontline Dwelling Fire (Landlord) policy.

  2. Secured Community Discount - 5% or 8% on your HO3 Homeowners: If your home is Gated OR Guarded, you can receive a 5% Discount. If your home is both Gated AND Guarded, you can receive a 8% Discount.

  3. Water Leak Detection Systems Discount - 5%, 10%, or 15% on your HO3 Homeowners OR your HO6 Condo Unit Owners Policy: (A) Sensor based water leak detection with customer notification gets a 5% discount. (B) Sensor based water leak detection with auto shut off gets a 10% discount. (C) Water leak detection that assesses flow of water with auto main supply shutoff gets a 15% discount.

  4. A New $1,000 Flat Hurricane Deductible Option for your HO3 Homeowners Policy: If your homeowners policy Coverage A Dwelling Amount is less than $500,000, you are eligible for the $1,000 Flat Hurricane Deductible (not available in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Lee, Collier, and Monroe counties).

  5. Masonry Veneer Construction Credit: If your home is frame construction with a brick or masonry veneer exterior wall, you may be eligible for an additional rate credit.

If you would like to request one or more of these discounts on your Frontline home insurance policy, contact a Fuller Insurance Team member today!

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