Neptune Residential Flood

Private Flood Insurance is taking off in Florida, because you are able to purchase additional coverage never offered by FEMA and the National Flood Insurance Program.

For example, with Neptune Residential Flood, you can purchase flood coverage for:

  • Pool Repair and Refill (up to $10K)

  • Unattached Structures on Property (up to $50K)

  • Temporary Living Expenses (up to $10K)

Make a note ...

  • The FEMA and NFIP specifically exclude coverage for swimming pools. With this endorsement on your Neptune Residential Flood policy, you receive coverage for swimming pool repair and refill costs (up to $10K).

  • Neptune Residential Flood will pay up to the limit purchased for ALL Unattached Structures combined. This limit is in addition to Coverage A Dwelling (up to $50K).

  • If you are unable to live in your home, Neptune Residential Flood will reimburse up to $100 each day for temporary housing and up to $35 a day for each family member residing in the home for food expenses during this time for up to 3 months. (Up to $10K).

Call the Fuller Insurance Team and purchase your Neptune Residential Flood policy today, so you are ready for the 2022 Hurricane Season early!

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