Liability Claims in Vacation Beach Rental Homes and Condos

Over the past two years, we have noticed an increase in liability claims, by vacationers who rent vacation beach rental homes and condo units. In the event the renter has an injury in your vacation beach rental home or condo unit, it is your responsibility to report the claim to your insurance company as soon as possible - plus - document, document, document!

As soon as the liability claim is reported to you, take notes, including dates, times, who you spoke with, and who was involved. If possible, take pictures of where the accident or injury occurred and any property damage to the home or condo unit.

Here are some liability claims we have seen at beach vacation rental homes and condo units:

1. man lost a finger when a pool gate locking mechanism was closed on his hand

2. man fell down the stairs at a beach vacation rental home - $300K claim paid by insurance

3. man fell down outside stairs to the entrance of a rental home - lawsuit pending

Generally, our recommendation is to have as much liability and umbrella coverage on the home or condo unit to cover your total net worth (or cover as much of your assets you would like to keep in a catastrophic law suit).

For more information on liability coverage, increasing limits, or adding a personal or commercial umbrella policy - call the Fuller Insurance Team in Santa Rosa Beach.

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