Health Open Enrollment for Under 65 Ends December 15th!

Now more than ever, being covered is important (even with a high deductible health plan). Why choose a high deductible plan?

The thinking is this:

If you have a major event, or you are hospitalized, then the hospital and doctors will gladly accept 90% or so of the payment from the health insurance company. Then, you can finance your deductible portion with a payment plan with the doctors and hospital after you have recovered.

Do you want to finance a low deductible up front now, with higher premiums, when you may not meet your deductible in a given year? Or, do you want to save those premium dollars and finance the deductible on the back end, after you have a major medical event and you have recovered?

Finally, don't forget that before the Affordable Care Act, insurance agents and companies would ask you medical questions and what your pre-existing conditions are. Based on your health history, you could be denied coverage. We no longer ask those questions and pre-existing conditions are covered under ACA Health Plans (but not covered under Short Term Health Plans).

The Fuller Insurance Team can help explain how the ACA subsidy works, help you apply for a subsidy, and lower your monthly premium. December 15th is the deadline. If you need a health plan, at least check out your options with the Fuller Insurance Team - we have sold individual health plans for 24 years!

Health Insurance Reality: Being covered matters more than ever
Health Insurance Reality: Being Covered Matters More Than Ever

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