Frontline Holds Non-Pay Cancellations Until April 26th

The Fuller Insurance Team received this notice from Frontline Insurance today. If you have any questions, please call the Fuller Insurance Team at 850-622-5283.

Effective immediately, we will hold all non-pay cancellations until April 26th and will be re-evaluating this time frame for any extensions as the date draws closer. Invoices will generate as normal, but any pending or future scheduled cancellations will be placed on hold. However, if a policy has recently cancelled for non-payment, please contact Underwriting to request that the policy be reinstated to allow additional time for the payment to be made. Otherwise, we will not be removing cancellations or non-renewals that have already been sent out.

We will continue to underwrite all business but we will be extra cautious when taking underwriting action on a policy. Please note: we will continue to ask for repairs or required documents, but unless the action is due to ineligible loss history or an imminent claim situation, we will allow extra time to comply with the requirements.

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