Congress Forgot Dependents Age 17 and 18

I have been reading the details of the stimulus payment, the IRS rules and tax code for the definition of "a child," and have found many children and their parents will be shorted on the direct stimulus payments. Apparently, Congress forgot that parents have dependents age 17 and 18 (and many of those dependents are still supported in college).

Here is a quote from TaxSlayer.com:

Will my dependent age 17-24 qualify for a stimulus payment? 

"No. If your dependent is 17 or 18 (or a full-time student through age 24) they do not qualify for the $500 stimulus payment. This prevents many high school juniors and seniors from receiving any stimulus money. The tax code defines a child as “not attained age 17.”

The stimulus bill relies on this definition and many other pieces of the existing tax code.  

Older children over the age of 24 no longer qualify as dependents. They could be eligible for the stimulus payment as long as they file a federal tax return. They can file a simple 2019 return even if they have no taxable income."

So, what happened? Did Congress not double check the IRS tax code for the definition of "a child" before rushing through to pass this legislation? How did this happen to our American Dependents Age 17 or 18?

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