Hurricane Michael - New Information


Our office will be closed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (Oct 9-11) due to Hurricane Michael. We plan to re-open Friday (Oct 12).

1. Walton County School District will close all schools on Tuesday and Wednesday. A decision whether to close Thursday will be made Wednesday afternoon.

2. The Walton County Board of Commissioners issued a Local State of Emergency at 11:30am today. For the latest, local emergency information, follow the Walton County Emergency Management.

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3. Walton County BCC and EOC have not made decisions on evacuations - per Walton County Emergency Management - that will be decided later today.

4. Gather your insurance documents and make a note of the underwriting insurance company name on the policy page, your policy number, and the claim phone number.

5. If you suffer damage, the quickest way to have an adjuster assigned to your claim is to report it directly to your insurance company.

6. Review your policy(s) for the claim reporting phone number(s) for each insurance company.

7. Prepare for a claim: Take pictures of the exterior and interior of your home, in case you need to file a claim. Take a picture of your cars, boats, RVs, etc.

8. Not Too Late: It is not too late to prepare for the storm - (1) have cash on hand, (2) have your medicines, (3) gas up your car, (4) have an evacuation route planned, (5) have water and non-perishable food on hand, (6) have a battery powered radio, (7) charge up your mobile phones and battery packs.

8. We have activated our Hurricane Emergency Plan, including phone service transfer to mobile devices, secondary location with backup generator power, third location in Alabama with satellite internet, and coordination with our underwriting insurance companies.

9. You can communicate with the Fuller Insurance Team via email and social media. After the storm, if power is out, telephone calls will be routed to mobile phones and email.

10. Again, the quickest way to file a claim and have an adjuster assigned to your claim, is to call the claim phone number on your insurance policy and provide the policy number.

If you are unable to file your claim directly with the insurance company, email us at claim@fuller.insure.

- Stay Safe

The Fuller Insurance Team

Hurricane Michael - 2pm EDT - 10-8-18

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