Auto-Owners: Protect Your Assets

Why do you need a personal umbrella? Frankly, you want a personal umbrella to protect your life savings, 401K, IRA, Annuities, CDs, Investments, Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, Real Estate, and any other asset -- from a court.

In a car accident, at a rental home, with a teenage driver - your legal liability can easily exceed your liability limits on your home and auto insurance.

How much umbrella coverage do you need? Well, how many assets do you want to protect? If you have $2 million dollars in retirement savings, then you would want to protect it with a $2 million dollar umbrella.

Once you have your home and auto insurance situated, consider a personal umbrella from Auto-Owners Insurance Company, rated A++ by A M Best Company. Get the liability protection you need from a highly rated and respected insurance provider.

See the Winter 2018 Auto-Owners Newsletter for more info.

Protect your assets with an A++ Personal Umbrella from Auto-Owners Insurance Company

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