Got Lemons? Make Lemonade.

Healthcare for people under 65 has been like someone giving you a basket of lemons. You don't just eat raw lemons, but use them in recipes (maybe a Thanksgiving recipe).

The Fuller Insurance Team knows that self-employed, retail, service, and tourism employees usually need an individual health plan because they do not have group health coverage available to them.

So, when we get a basket of lemons, we make a big pitcher of lemonade (we make good lemonade in the South). Why? Because we genuinely want to help people find affordable individual health and dental insurance.

This is what we have found in the lemonade this year:

1. Not as much time to make a health plan decision. Open Enrollment ends December 15th. This is a firm deadline.

2. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) tax credit or subsidy has increased along with health premiums. So, if you qualify for the tax credit or subsidy, you may get a pleasant surprise.

3. But, if you don't qualify for a tax credit or subsidy, then there are high deductible health plans available, that still provide: (A) the lowest possible premium, (B) discounts on generic medications, and (C) flat co-pays when you visit a doctor.

4. The Health Savings Accounts (HSA) plans are more popular this year. You can take advantage of a high deductible health plan, plus a tax advantage health savings account. You get both the benefits of lower overall costs and tax savings on health expenditures.

5. Even though the Federal Government stopped paying insurance companies for Cost Share Reduction benefits (CSRs), the Affordable Care Act still requires insurance companies to provide them. So Florida Blue is still offering plans (if you qualify) with extra low deductibles and co-payments.

6. Finally, get a health and dental plan to take advantage of the huge buying power of Florida Blue. Don't pay the "street price" for health and dental services - #GetCovered so you pay the best rates AND have health and dental insurance in case you have a major sickness or accident in 2018.

We have 24 more days to make as much lemonade as we can. The Fuller Insurance Team is here to help our community. Call us today so we can help you!

When you have lemons in your health plans, make lemonade

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