Excess Flood Insurance Protects Your Investment

The National Flood Insurance Program offers a maximum of $250,000 in Dwelling/Building coverage. But what if the cost to rebuild your home is more than $250,000? Then you need an Excess Flood Insurance Policy.

Let's do the math:

Replacement Cost of home: $650,000

Flood Insurance Coverage: $250,000

Excess Flood Coverage needed: $400,000

Why Excess Flood Insurance? If a strong hurricane or storm surge damages the foundation of the home, the home probably cannot be repaired. In this case, the county condemns the home and it is a total loss. Excess Flood Insurance protects your investment.

Another example: You have a beautiful beachfront home, and a strong hurricane or storm surge washes the home into the Gulf of Mexico, or off its pilings, then you have a total loss. Excess Flood Insurance would be needed to fully rebuild.

Excess Flood Insurance picks up where the National Flood Insurance Program ends. For a quote on your home or real estate investment, call the Fuller Insurance Team.

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