5 Home Insurance Coverages You Want

After writing home insurance along the Emerald Coast for 22 years, I have seen many different claims and losses. But, when I sit down to think about the Top 5 Home Insurance Coverages you want to have (not just the usual coverage you would expect), I recommend you consider these:

1. Limited Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot, or Bacteria (sometimes called Mold coverage). I would recommend at least $50,000 or the maximum the insurance company offers.

2. Water Back Up and Sump Overflow. This is never a pleasant experience - the backing up of toilets, drains, showers, sewage systems ... I would recommend at least $5,000 or the maximum the insurance company offers.

3. Sinkhole Coverage. Not just Catastrophic Collapse, but I would recommend you ad Sinkhole Coverage to your home insurance policy if the insurance company offers the coverage. We live on shifting sands and you really never know ...

4. Equipment Breakdown Coverage. You can sometimes buy this coverage on specific appliances and electronics when you purchase them new, but, we have found the price to add Equipment Breakdown Coverage to your home insurance is very competitive.

5. Screened Enclosures Coverage. Do you have a screened porch, a screen pool cage, or other outdoor screen attached to your home? Make sure its covered by adding this endorsement.

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