Auto-Owners: Rental Car Coverage

We frequently get calls from customers wondering if their rental vehicle is covered by their auto insurance policy while on vacation. If you have an Auto-Owners personal auto policy, it has specific provisions that address whether an accident in a rental vehicle is covered. The broadest or best coverage from any vehicle on your policy extends to the rented vehicle. In other words, as long as one of the vehicles on your policy has both liability and physical damage coverage, the car rented on vacation will have those same coverages. The Auto-Owners policy is broader than the industry when it comes to rented vehicles regarding what is covered. If you have questions, or would like an Auto-Owner

Why Life Insurance - Listen to Brigette

Brigette and Anthony Hunter were business owners when Anthony discovered that the melanoma he had battled as a teenager had returned. He invoked a provision in one of his life insurance policies allowing for an early payout to a terminally ill policyholder and used part of his death benefit to buy a home for his wife and children. The remaining death benefit helped Brigette pay off medical bills, meet household expenses and keep the business running.​

5 Home Insurance Coverages You Want

After writing home insurance along the Emerald Coast for 22 years, I have seen many different claims and losses. But, when I sit down to think about the Top 5 Home Insurance Coverages you want to have (not just the usual coverage you would expect), I recommend you consider these: 1. Limited Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot, or Bacteria (sometimes called Mold coverage). I would recommend at least $50,000 or the maximum the insurance company offers. 2. Water Back Up and Sump Overflow. This is never a pleasant experience - the backing up of toilets, drains, showers, sewage systems ... I would recommend at least $5,000 or the maximum the insurance company offers. 3. Sinkhole Coverage. Not just Catastrophi

Health Insurance Open Enrollment

Health Insurance Open Enrollment is going on now for individuals without a tax credit or subsidy. If you receive a tax credit or subsidy, then Open Enrollment starts November 1st. What makes this year very different: 1. The deadline to Enroll or Make Changes is December 15th 2. If you have a Silver Plan, then you will probably need to change plans 3. The Affordable Care Act is still in place, so tax penalties will still apply The Fuller Insurance Team is here to help you apply for, or update your tax credit, and select a 2018 health plan that meets your needs and budget. Take a look at these 2018 Health Open Enrollment resources. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, give us a

Flood Zone Re-Mapping: What you need to know

You may have heard about the flood zone re-mapping project in Northwest Florida, but can't find any resources on the project. Well, we have put together information you need to know, courtesy of the Northwest Florida Water Management District (NWFWMD) and FEMA: Coastal Panhandle Project Schedule Map Changes and Flood Insurance: What Property Owners Need To Know Education Video from the NWFWMD Flood Information Portal from the NWFWMD We hope this information is useful to you in determining what is changing with flood zones in Northwest Florida and along the beautiful Emerald Coast. Note that the following counties should expect new flood zones to be implemented on or about these times: Okaloo

Watching T.D. 16 / T.S. Nate

The Fuller Insurance Team is closely monitoring the development of Tropical Depression 16 / Tropical Storm Nate in the Caribbean. As the situation develops, we will post notices to Social Media, via Email, and at our website www.Fuller.insure.

Auto-Owners Fall Insurance Update

Take a look at the Fall Auto-Owners Insurance Update. You will find great information on: 1. Car Rental Coverage 2. Emergency Action Plans 3. How Does Remodeling My House Affect My Insurance 4. Safeguard Your Long Term Care

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