Florida Annuities by

Auto-Owners Life

An annuity is the perfect investment tool to keep your savings Safe. Sound. Secure.® We offer annuities from

Auto-Owners Insurance Company, rated A++ by A. M. Best Company.

Annuities provide competitive interest rates and dependable minimum guarantees for the life of the contract.

Learn why Auto-Owners annuities are better than bank certificates of deposits (CDs).

There are many benefits to owning an Auto-Owners annuity:


  • No annual policy administration fees.

  • Defer income tax until retirement.

  • At death, proceeds pass directly to the named beneficiary.

  • Withdraw up to 10% each policy year without a surrender charge.

  • Your money is always growing ... it's guaranteed!

The current credited rate of interest for Auto-Owners annuities is 2.50%.

What does Auto-Owners Safe. Sound. Secure.® really mean? (pdf format)

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