Florida Business Insurance by Auto-Owners, AmTrust, Berkshire Hathaway GUARD, Centauri Specialty, and Mercury

Insurance Companies.

Fuller Insurance is a leading Florida business and commercial insurance agency for the communities of Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Panama City Beach, and Freeport Florida. We provide General Liability Insurance, Property Insurance, Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance, Business Auto Insurance, and Workers Comp Insurance to a variety of businesses.


General Liability Insurance


The most common business insurance coverage, and usually the first coverage to be purchased, is General Liability Insurance. Businesses that rent office space or retail space are usually required by their landlords to have General Liability Insurance in place. The typical limit of insurance found on a Florida General Liability Policy is $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate. In addition, Florida General Liability Insurance Policies include coverage for Products and Completed Operations, Personal and Advertising Injury, Fire Damage/Tenant Legal Liability, and Medical Payments Coverage.



Property Insurance

When a business owns personal property like office furniture or tools and equipment, then the business owner needs to purchase Property Insurance. Many businesses think that Property Insurance only covers real property, like an office building or warehouse. However, Property Insurance also covers business personal property, business contents, additions and alterations, tenant lease improvements, portable equipment, and even loss of business income.



Hurricane and Windstorm Insurance


In most parts of the country, Property Insurance includes and coverage for the peril of Windstorm and Hail (like a hurricane, tornado, strong thunderstorm, or a thunderstorm that produces wind and hail). But in Florida, the peril of Windstorm and Hail may be excluded from the Property Insurance Coverage and the insured may be required to purchase Windstorm and Hail coverage on a separate policy from the state sponsored Citizens Property Insurance Corporation.



Business Auto Insurance


The Fuller Insurance Team are experts at writing Florida Business Auto Insurance. We represent Auto-Owners, AmTrust, and Mercury insurance Companies. Whether it is a private passenger vehicle, a tow truck, a work van, or a delivery truck, Fuller Insurance can find a competitive Florida Business Auto Insurance Policy for your business.



Workers Compensation Insurance


The Florida state government regulates the price of workers compensation insurance. We represent several insurance companies that offer Florida workers compensation insurance dividend plans. A dividend plan is a special workers compensation insurance policy that will return part of the premium to the insured if the insurance company has a profitable year, the insured has a good payment history, and the insured has a good loss history. There are no guarantees, but generally speaking, if you have a dividend plan attached to you Florida Workers Compensation insurance policy, there is a very good chance you will receive a dividend or return of premium the following year.