The Fuller Insurance Team are your Florida homeowners insurance experts. When you request a homeowners insurance quote from Fuller Insurance, we gather your Florida homeowners insurance information from you over the phone or by easy to complete electronic forms.


Then, we begin a comprehensive underwriting process that includes reviewing the Florida county property appraiser records, calculating the replacement cost, reviewing claim reports, and inspecting the home if necessary. We want to have a thorough understanding of your home. This is important so we can effectively market your home to the different Florida homeowners insurance companies we represent, and to make sure there are no surprises after we submit your insurance application.

We will give you an honest recommendation, free of charge. The Fuller Insurance Team writes Florida homeowners insurance every day, in every Florida county, so you can feel confident knowing Fuller Insurance is handling your Florida homeowners insurance.

We represent several Florida homeowners insurance companies, including American Strategic, Centauri Insurance, Federated National, Frontline, Edison Insurance, US Coastal,  United Property and Casualty, and many others. Depending on your particular home and your insurance needs, we market your insurance to each insurance company. Then, we recommend to you the type of homeowners insurance policy, the coverage amounts, and the terms that best suit your situation. We take time to understand your situation.

Florida homeowners insurance can be complicated, especially if your home is located near the beach, a coastline, a bay, or bayou. Our office is located in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida - only 1.5 miles from the beach, so we are experts at writing Florida homeowners insurance near the water. In fact, we have over 22 years of experience writing homeowners insurance policies in the communities of Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach, Freeport, and Panama City Beach, Florida.

Homeowners, Windstorm, Flood Insurance

When you own a home in Florida, there are three main insurance policies to consider: a homeowners insurance policy, a windstorm insurance policy (if windstorm coverage is excluded in your homeowners policy), and a flood insurance policy.


In Florida, homeowners insurance companies have the option to exclude windstorm insurance coverage along certain areas of the coast. Florida homeowners may purchase the windstorm insurance coverage from the state insurance company, Citizens Property Insurance Corporation or another insurance company that provides wind-only coverage.


In addition, if your home is located in a flood hazard area, you may be required to purchase a flood insurance policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. Fuller Insurance represents the National Flood Insurance Program and several Florida flood insurance companies, so we can take care of all yours home insurance needs. We also represent several Private Flood Insurance Companies.


There are many different insurance coverages built into a Florida homeowners insurance policy. Property coverage insures your real property (the house itself), any other detached structures like a property fence or utility building, and your personal contents.

Additional Living Expense

Additional Living Expense (also called Loss of Use), is another coverage on your Florida homeowners insurance policy that pays for a temporary place to live if your home is damaged due to a covered claim and is not liveable.

Valuable Items Coverage

If you own valuable jewlery, antiques, computer equipment, artwork, or photography equipment - we can insure these items too. Depending on the situation, we can add this special coverage to your Florida homeowners policy or we can write a separate personal inland marine or personal articles floater policy.

Personal Liability Coverage

Florida homeowners insurance covers your personal liability. The typical Florida homeowners insurance policy provides $300,000 or $500,000 in personal liability coverage. If you have assets valued more than this, you should consider purchasing a Florida personal umbrella policy.


A personal umbrella policy is a separate liability policy that provides an additional $1 million or more of liability coverage for you.The additional liability coverage also covers your Florida auto liability, watercraft liability, recreational vehicle liability, and any other potential personal liability exposure you have. The Fuller Insurance Team can write Florida personal umbrella policies up to $50 million.

Medical Payments

Medical Payments coverage helps to pay for incidental medical expenses for people that are injured on your Florida property or in your home. Note that Medical Payments does not pay you (the homeowner), it only covers your guests and visitors, and is usually a maximum of $5,000 in coverage.

Ordinance or Law Coverage

Another coverage included in your Florida homeowners policy is Ordinance or Law Coverage. This coverage provides you with additional money to meet new or updated Florida state building codes,  ordinances, or laws. For example, say your house was built in 1990 and then was destroyed by a fire. In 2003, your would be required to rebuild the house under the current Florida state building code. The new Florida state building code increases the cost of building back your home. If you have Ordinance or Law coverage on your homeowners insurance policy, the insurance company would provide additional funds to meet the new Florida state building code requirements.

Mold Exclusion

Florida homeowners insurance companies may exclude mold-related property damage or only include a minimum of $10,000 in coverage. Mold-related property damage is when mold damages the structure of the home. The mold may result from a burst or leaking pipe, storm damage, or flood damage. Some homeowners insurance companies offer the option to purchase additional coverage.

Sinkhole and Catastrophic Ground Collapse

Florida has more sinkholes than any other state in the nation. Florida law defines a "sinkhole" differently from the insurance coverage called "catastrophic ground cover collapse."


A "sinkhole" is "a land form created by subsidence of soil, sediment, or rock as underlying strata are dissolved by groundwater. A sinkhole may form by collapse into subterranean voids created by dissolution (the dissolving) of limestone or dolostone or by the subsidence as these strate are dissolved."

"Catastrophic ground cover collapse" is defined as "geological activity that results in all of the following: 1). The abrupt collapse of the ground cover; 2). A depression in the ground cover clearly visible to the naked eye; 3). Structural damage to the building including the foundation; and 4). The insured structure being condemned and ordered to be vacated by the government agency authorized by law to issue such an order for that structure."

So, if your home is damage from sinkhole activity, then the damage must meet the definition of "catastrophic ground cover collapse." If it does not meet this definition, there may be coverage under the separate "sinkhole coverage endorsement," but you must pay an additional premium and request that the "sinkhole coverage endorsement" be added to your Florida homeowners insurance policy.

Properties Owned By Corporations, LLCs, Trusts

Many times, Florida homes are owned by a family trust, or business partners purchase Florida vacation homes as an investment. These home ownership situations are quite common in Florida. Fuller Insurance can write a Florida homeowners insurance policy for family trusts, corporate owned homes, vacation homes, short term rental homes, homes owned in an LLC, and corporate owned condominium units. Whether it is a long term rental home, a seasonal home, or a short term vacation rental home, the Fuller Insurance Team can write a homeowners insurance policy to cover it.

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